Sep 16, 2013


ZOMG the wind is blowing so strong now that my screen door just fell off WTH. Seriosuly,  I literally exclaimed WTH while trying to hold on to my screen door to prevent it from flying away haha. I guess i must be the only idiot in Japan who actually opened her window to enjoy the 'breeze' -_-

According to the weather report the typhoon was supposed to come yesterday! So I cancelled my solo trip to Kiso Valley but it was so sunny yesterday when i woke up -_-

Then when I checked the report again it says it'd come at night till this morning. It only rained a little last night and this morning I woke up to heavy rain -____- I'm supposed to go shopping today haih.

We weren't really hit by the typhoon *touch wood!* but there was heavy rain and really strong wind. But this is the first time that I've "heard" such strong wind blowing. (actually i had similar experience before but that was at the peak of Mt.Soraksan in Korea during winter!) Heard the typhoon is heading to Tokyo now *gasps* it has also done quite a damage so far :(

So new to all these natural disasters! Malaysians and Singaporeans are really lucky!

Last month we had an earthquake nearby but not in my city, there was only a small quake but me being me, thought my bed was broken and wow the wind is so strong WTH I even got off my bed to check if my bed was really broken -_- And then last week or so there were reallllllly heavy rain in Aichi area. Guerilla rain is the name, I heard. So heavy that there were floods everywhere and trains were stopped. 

But I'm really impressed with the Japanese, most of them are trained in school so they know what to do and their news get updated so fast! And the govt (or whatever organization that's operating) sends alert to all citizens with smartphones (not sure if they send to those not using smartphones as most of my colleagues are smartphone users..) really cool. but I think they can do something with the melody they use for the alert though. Sounds too chirpy and happy lol

Sep 15, 2013


So many backdated events to write! I'm supposed to record my life in Japan (T_T)

Anyways! Baby steps!

So last weekend (actually by the time I finished this post it was 2 weekends ago lol) I went to Karuizawa, a town in Nagano prefecture. It is a popular tourist spot for people from Tokyo, especially in the summer.. sort of like Genting :P
Karuizawa is an upmarket mountain resort at the foot of the active volcano Mount Asama in Nagano Prefecture. It was first "discovered" and promoted as a mountain resort by Western residents of Japan in the late 1800s.Nowadays, many wealthy urbanites own a second home in Karuizawa. Located at an altitude of roughly 1000 meters, the mountain resort provides a pleasant escape from the summer heat. 
Now that explains the many villas and retro convertible cars in the neighborhood hehe.

It's quite far from Nagoya though. First I took a train to Tajimi, which is about an hour's ride from Nagoya, to meet up with my friends.

Kokokei, the station where I got off to meet my friend. I always laugh at the sound of it. Koko kei~ Koko kei~lol sounds like a rooster. Pardon my childishness -_- The station is so different from what i imagined. It's rural that the only thing I saw was mountains -_- But so pretty! 

From there it was a 4-5 hours' drive... ZZzzz  I love road trips! As long as i'm not the one driving hehe.

Stopped by for some yummy soba and homemade egg ice-creams ♡

Finally reached my friend's friend's cottage lol So cuteeee! That's a squirrel up there hehe
I really like the small details of the cottage, like this door stopper for example.
They even have a fireplace! Everything is so European and christmassy!

Found this butterfly that was so busy "drinking" that it couldn't be bothered with me snapping photos non-stop 

Summer BBQ~! Yummy beef!
And wine :D
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, my youngest suitor lol this 5-year old is so sweet okay he even asked his mom's permission before telling me he likes me lol and he's pretty gentleman for a 5 year old. Like when we were playing this card games and I said "hmm i think i'm not very good at this" and he's like "then maybe I shouldn't be too serious" (WTF) and he really meant it, it's like even when he knows the answer he chose not to pick it and asked me to take it instead. Aww! Men my age should really watch and learn :P
Had fireworks at night too hehe I was supposed to babysit the lil kid but I think i was more interested in the fireworks than the kid does lol
We had breakfast in the porch on the next morning! Such a pleasant morning, so quiet that you can even hear the wind! And then  it was time to pack and go home but before that! Rubbish throwing time, people! We have tonnes of rubbish from the bbq but we cleaned up so fast the previous night because everyone helped out. This is what I like about the Japanese people, really. Even when they are out sakura-viewing, at the beach or fireworks-viewing (yes they like stuff like this), they will always clean up their mess before leaving.
Okay back to my rubbish throwing time. In Japan, normally there is a specific area in the neighbourhood for the residents to throw their rubbish. I shall write more about it next time. Since Karuizawa is such a place for vacation (mostly private villas..) the rubbish place is quite far, most people has cars so not much of a problem.. but we decided to walk. It was quite a nice stroll..

But I didn't know we have to pass through the town center, where there are tonnes of people. And I wasn't wearing any make up and I still had my morning hair -____- and we were all holding a big bag of trash -__- 

I like the buildings in Karuizawa, a good mixture of Japanese and western design. They have a really strong western influence here. I even saw a few christian organizations around, which is really rare in Japan, I THINK :P

Here's a random old house, which happens to be a photo studio. It's like our shophouses! 

And this is the type of photos you get from that studio hehe

Ending the post with a photo of the lake we passed by on our way to the rubbish place. And yes, i took this while holding a big bag of trash lol

Jul 7, 2013

My city, Nagoya!

In case you didn't know,  the city that I'm living in is called Nagoya. And Nagoya looks something like this..

A functionable ferris wheel (i think) in the mid of the shopping district hehehe

And among the Japanese, Nagoya is famous for the food..Actually personally i think most prefectures in Japan has their own 'specialty', I guess the Japanese said so about Nagoya because there is nothing else to talk about here :P 
 The most famous dish, hitsumabushi (eel rice set? lol). Quite pricey, about SGD30++ for this. 

I love where I am staying now, it takes me abt 15 mins door to door to the shopping district (something like orchard road)! I used to live real close to Orchard Road but this is even nearer because their transportation are always ON TIME. Over here you can really make plans like, let's meet at the station at 12.50 so we can catch the 12.58 train. Same for the bus! No such thing as "every 10 mins" etc. Yup!

The day I found a new route home.

I actually like Nagoya better than Tokyo.. It's a city but not too complicated like Tokyo. Just like Singapore without MBS and other weird architectures :P And people are friendlier, my neighbours says Good Morning to me even though we've never spoken to each other. Of course not all are friendly, maybe some of them just do it because it's their "common sense", and it's impolite to ignore in my company basically you greet everyone u see, either with greetings or a simple nod, even though you don't know who the hell are they -_-

Food wise... well basically you will hardly find 'bad food' here cuz the level of their QC is so high, seriously even the veggies here are 100000 times better. Even the food in the convenience stores taste so nice and with so much varieties! (which explains my weight gain *dark*)
And don't get me started on the desserts... yums!! Just the right amount of sweetness!

The only 'problem' I had (not so much of a prob now that I'm used to it) is the rubbish disposal... And that deserves a whole new post itself so till then! haha

Jun 29, 2013

Next, please!

Clearly my momentum died off right after the last post hahaha

Where should I start!? The bad ones or the good ones? hmmm

Maybe just a short one haha

Nothing much just that we had a "welcome dinner" for the newbies in our dept last Wed and this guy from my dept used the world "okuyukashii" to describe me.

It means something like... graceful, gentle, modest, beautiful... all plus together.


Sounds nothing like me mwahaha

I told my ex and he's like, ????? Do you know what it means???
My other JP friend who's slightly younger than me, said if it was her she'd be stunned, cuz she wouldnt be sure what that word meant haha cuz it's actually not quite a "modern" description.. Should I say it's "classic"? people my age hardly use it i guess.. at least its not as common as kawaii :P

Which is why i find it funny! cuz the guy who said it is only a year older than me :D

May 3, 2013

Reporting from Japan!

So I'm finally moving into my new place today.. exciting..and scared haha i think this is the first time that I'm having the whole place to myself! I started working on 1st of May and it was so unbearable..for someone who has been idling around for 1.5 months (T_T) but luckily it was just two days and now we are having a 4-day long weekend yippee!

Can't believe it's only been a week since I moved to Japan. Singapore feels so far away now.. First day was super tiring, arrived from airport -> shower -> company for short briefing -> house viewing. I came here in short pants on the first day and I was fine but now it's getting too cold WTH, with the highest at about 17°C and lowest temp at about 6° May (O_o)

Back to house viewing! House viewing process is very fast and smooth here. I've got a place on the 2nd day! The whole house renting thing is more serious here I think, there's insurance and guarantor involved. And they will check if you're 'reliable' enough, like how you get a credit card. Then you need to pay for insurance, renovation fees (they repair the place after each tenant move out), 1 month of rental for agent fee,  this and that *heart bleeds*

That aside, my place is pretty decent and quite reasonably-priced too! But of course it's nth like the houses in M'sia or S'pore... things are much smaller here. And they normally don't come with furnitures so I'm thinking whether I should get myself a washing machine, fridge and microwave (with oven)... *heart bleeds* Photos of the new place later! Meanwhile...
A random picture of me shopping for furniture and electronic appliances haha It's funny how the sales ppl here refer all non-Japanese brand as "foreign brand"

Hmm what else! Oh ya, everything else is pretty much settled..I went to the ward office and bank to open an account, so glad that I speak Japanese -__- And did you know that normally foreigners can't open an account if they were in Japan for less than 6 months?! seriously -_- The service is really good tho (even at the bank!.. then again POSB is not that bad either)

Let me brag about this other thing so I can reminisce  in the future haha

The internet! Can't live without it! And i'm very particular with the speed and everything. Over here this internet thing is very tricky. There are so many choices and the pricing and offers are so complicated. Like my boss, she couldn't be bothered so she just got it. So far the fastest one is the fiber thing at abt 1G. At first I thought of taking Wimax (pocket wifi) but it's abt 40mbps at its best ZZZZZZZ Apparently the only cable available at my new apartment is from this Cable tv Starcat, and the fastest is 120Mbps.. It's cheaper compared to other major provider, but I'm not really ok with the speed and review. But in the end I've got myself a super good package for my NTT Hikari Fiber 1G mwahahah normally it'd cost 1000yen+ than the 120mbps one but if u include the cashback and extra points (which I can use to shop for my wireless router etc) it's enough to cover the extra monthly charges + installation cost! In fact I'd still be able to get some extra money mwahahah Plus I found out that they have this special plan whereby u register with your fellow NTT net user and u both get discount for your monthly bills. Even my boss didn't know. One might think this is too much work for a internet choice but hey, I've to commit for 2 yrs of course I have to be more careful!

Oh and I've got myself an iPhone 5. Wanted to get an Xperia Z but it's out of stock. And most of the latest android here cost more than iPhone -_- Instead of getting some slightly outdated Android I might as well opt for iPhone 5 right? Afterall the only thing I don't like about it is the screen size. I like the iOS more and it matches well with my MacBook Pro too haha

..Are you still with me? haha basically this is like a not-so-short account of what's been happening for the past week and I'm typing this at a very fast speed while waiting for my breakfast. I shall blog about the food too nyehehe oh and the trash disposal system here (-_- ; )  Ok breakfast's ready bye!